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Your personal Spa in Tuscany

Devote time to your wellness in your Spa in Tuscany. Rediscover the harmony between mind and body thanks to the Thermarium: the ancient Etruscan Wellness Programme.

Let the water embrace you in the thermal whirlpool, purify your body in the sauna and in the steam bath and discover the benefits of chromotherapy and sensory showers. Forget about stress in the relaxation area (relaxation corner) where you can sample our selection of herbal teas.

Inside our Spa you will discover that being in harmony with your body is the key to reaching spiritual wellness.


2022 Closing period for general maintenance: from January 10th to April 7th.

11.00-13.00 / 13.30-15.30 / 16.00-18.00 / 18.20-20.20
Towel+ Bathrobe
Thermarium Life: From Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) € 29.00 + € 12,00
Thermarium Weekend: Saturday or Sunday, holidays, days preceding a public holiday and long weekends € 34.00 + € 12,00
Thermarium Holidays Formula Towel+ Bathrobe
4th April 10.00-12.00 / 13.30-15.30 / 16.00-18.00 / 18.20-20.20 € 43.00 + € 12,00
25th December 10.00-12.00 / 16.00-18.00 / 18.20-20.20 € 43.00 + € 12,00
31rd December 9.00-11.00 / 11.30-13.30 / 14.00-16.00 / 16.30-18.30 € 43.00 + € 12,00
1st January 1.00-13.00 / 13.30-15.30 / 16.00-18.00 / 18.20-20.20 € 43.00 + € 12,00
DAY SPA Life Weekend
Thermarium + Relax Massagge 25′ + Light Lunch + Express Face Mask € 91,00 € 96,00
Thermarium + Relax Massagge 50′ + Light Lunch + Express Face Mask € 121,00  € 126,00

Reservation is recommended. Last possible entrance 18.30

All Thermarium Formulas include:
– half-day entrance to the Natural Spring

ATTENTION: Entrance is permitted for  adults only, or from 14 years of age only if accompanied by an adult, who will assume total responsibility. Entrance is not permitted for anyone with cardiovascular difficulties. The use of the facilities such as: sauna, Turkish bath, cold aromatic showers, hydro massage waterfalls, massage rooms, are undertaken under the client’s own responsibility: we recommend limited use, and after undergoing a medical examination at one’s own expense.

Subscriptions and Cards


Thermarium is a wellness programme in an evocative and fascinating location that will transport you back to the time when the Etruscans enjoyed thermal baths and treatments on a regular basis. A unique place where you can find harmony and wellness far from the frenetic pace of modern day life. It feels like taking a step back into the past.

Laconicum – Modern-day sauna. Detox and purifying dry setting kept constantly at about 70°C. The best way to enjoy this is to alternate the sauna with a cold shower in order to experience an immediately refreshing and invigorating sensation

Calidarium – Turkish Bath. The Steam Bath provide a moist heat setting which is kept at 40°C. It helps with breathing and to eliminate toxins by purifying the body and harmonizing with the spirit.

Frigidarium – multi-sensory (emotional) shower and chromotherapy. Different kinds of waterjets, perfect after a sauna and steam bath. Different types of showers will release energizing essential oils over your body.

Tepidarium – “natation” and relaxation area. A pool kept at the perfect temperature. Small water-falls and massaging water jets will caress and tone up your body. Their purifying and detoxifying effects will stay with you for the rest of the day. It is even possible to lie down on one of the comfortable ergonomic beds, drinking a detoxifying herbal tea offered by the Therapist  who will follow your entire programme.

Massages and multi-sensory (sensory) treatments
If you would like to extend or add to your wellness programme, our personnel are always ready to take care of you with a wide range of relaxing treatments

Multi-sensory treatments

For those who would like to extend  their wellness programme, our Staff are ready to take care of you with special treatments which go beyond the standard forms of spiritual, mental and physical relaxation.

The cosmetic products used during our treatments contain only natural ingredients and essential oils, in line with our company policy.

NB: in case of serious illnesses, inflammation, infections or pregnancy, the Management does advise against under-going any kind of treatment without a prior medical check-up or self-certification.


New service area reserved for SPA and Boutique Hotel Guests.

The wellness area has been enriched with a new quality service, dedicated to SPA Guests and, of course, those staying at the Resort.

The service lounge area is designed to anticipate and to prolong the feeling of wellbeing: there are lockers (with automatic closing allowed thanks to the personal SPA entrance bracelet), toilets and private changing rooms individually equipped with a shower for your comfort and privacy. It is provided a large beauty area, a USB charger station for those who can’t wait to share the experience through social medias and a candlelight lounge area for your relaxation


The products used during our treatments are on sale at the front desk.

A complete product line made from natural ingredients and essential oils for your wellness and beauty. For all your skin’s needs , they are both safe and effective

  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Face and body Plant (vegetable) oil
  • Air fresheners and herbal teas
  • Organic Multisensory cosmetics

100% natural. No colourants and no preservatives

AIAB certification (Italian Association of Bio-Agriculture) ICEA certification (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute). The Line includes cosmetics for face, body, hair and sun protection.

Our products have not been tested on animals.

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Calidario Terme Etrusche

Via di Caldana 6, Venturina Terme, Campiglia Marittima LI

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